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But these five anti-aging practices will make your age SIMPLY A NUMBER

Are you simply doing nothing, and still maintain the popular belief that “AGE is just a number”? –You need to sign for a change.

Notable biological changes are associated with aging making a continuously increasing two- and occasionally three-digits figure, not simply a number–rather a surrogate reflection of normal biological and social changes. Physiologically aging is associated with a decline in many bodily functions causing a victim to become relatively weaker when compared to his or her younger counterparts. You actually start to age when your body functions start going downhill.

In theory the peak of performance is at the late twenties, when the rate of cell multiplication equals that of cell death. After this age our cells start to die at a relatively higher rate than the rate of their production. This is what we call aging”.

According to research different body parts, functions, and states, start aging at different times. For instance skin start to age in mid-twenties while voice aging starts in mid-sixties. Sexual functions start to decline at the age of 35 however, this depend on so many other factors. The same applies to declining muscle and heart functions that may start at the age–as early as 35, or very much delayed to late ages.

Despite the established average aging times for different body parts, functions and states, research has also made us aware of factors that can either delay or speed up aging. It is well known and consistently been shown that people of the same age, do not always show signs of aging at the same time. Lifestyle factors, environmental conditions and to some extent genetics–are implicated in either speeding up or slowing down the aging process.

People who practice healthy living by eating well, staying active and maintaining an effective social networks, are among the people enjoying smooth, graceful and happy aging”.

It is therefore obvious that even though aging is natural, some factors can modulate the process and render aging a smooth and healthy transition. In fact, even though age is not simply a number, WE CAN MAKE IT JUST A NUMBER.

There are many practices that can help you delay and undergo a healthy and relatively smooth aging. Many of those are well known and widely practiced. Today, I will focus on the very important–but neglected healthy practices.


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