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Jamii Health Magazine Editorial Policy

Jamii Health is a registered health magazine with ISSN 2407-7759. The magazine provides health information to the community and health related news. The magazine follows a strict policy for its publications with the aim of providing relevant information to the community. All articles go through go through rigorous editorial process before publication.

The editorial process is handled by JMH editorial team which is under the leadership of editor in-chief. The editorial process is supervised by Managing editor who receives support JH editors.

All articles received by JH after acceptance for publication are sent to panel of experts, these experts are commissioned the role of scrutinizing the contents of the articles with the aim of ensuring the advice given is relevant and is in accordance with local context. The panel of experts is comprised of medical, dental and other health related professionals who are of good standing and with credible training.

Editorial Team

The JH editorial team is composed of the following members;

Editor in-Chief:

Fredirick Mashili (MD, PhD)

Managing editor:

Faida Emil (MD, MA-HPM,PGD M&E)


Lulu Chirande (MD, MMED)

Francis Furia (MD, MMED, FRCP London)

Deogratias Kilasara (DDS, MDENT)

Theopista Jacob (MD, MMED)

Ruth Mkopi (BSc Nutrition, MPH)

Expert panel

The panel of experts is responsible for reviewing all the manuscript submitted to the journal. Click on the link to see the list of experts in the panel.

Guidelines for submitting a manuscript (article) to JHM

Jamii Health Magazine welcomes all medical and other health professionals to participate in the noble course of educating the community. The editorial team will consider all submitted manuscript fairly on merits without discrimination. The articles may be written in English of Swahili, but more preference if given to Swahili which is the most used language in Tanzania.

Article submission

Manuscript should be submitted to the editors and all interested authors are invited to write and submit their manuscripts. Once manuscript are received the editorial team will acknowledge receipt and do initial assessment of manuscript, if the manuscript is deemed not in line with the publication policy the editorial team will inform the author within the period of seven working days from the day of submission.

If the manuscript is considered suitable and within the scope of JH, it will be assigned to editor who will edit it work on grammatical and typographical errors and submit it to an appropriate expert depending on which area of health the manuscript is addressing.

Once the expert has reviewed the manuscript it will be returned to the assigned editor who will send the manuscript to the managing editor for approval to be published, once the approval is granted the editor will inform the author about the decision made by the editorial team and all the changes incorporated into the manuscript as advised by the expert and editorial team. It should be noted that the author is informed of the changes made on the manuscript and the author will have to agree to them before the manuscript is published. Authors are not allowed to make any major changes after the manuscript has been reviewed by the expert. In an event that the author feel they need to make changes in the manuscript, the process of reviewing the manuscript will have to be repeated and the manuscript will be sent to an expert again.

Once the author has agreed to the changes made to the manuscript it will be sent to the managing editor, who will subsequently seek authorization from the editor in-chief to get the manuscript published.

The images to be used for the manuscript will be decided by the editorial team. Authors are also allowed to submit images they wish to be used for publications; these should be accompanied with duly signed consent forms if they contain faces which might be identified. The images obtained by authors will also be reviewed by editorial team before they are accepted for publication.

Once the manuscript is published the author will be notified immediately. All manuscripts will bear the names of the all the authors, the name of the expert who reviewed the manuscript and his/her field of expertise will appear on the published article.

JH shall have all the copy rights for all articles published on line and may use them for hard print without requesting permission from the author. All articles printed in JH Magazine shall bear the name of the authors. All the costs of processing and publishing manuscripts will be borne by JHM and no article processing fee will be charged from authors.

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